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筆記本 – Acer V15 Nitro – Install WSL2, Docker



REF: Install WSL | Microsoft Learn

  • Start Terminal (Powershell) as administrator
  • Type wsl --install and wait for complete
  • Reboot
  • If post-installation is required, perform it (e.g. .NET Framework 3.5)
  • Create new UNIX acount
  • Start Terminal (Powershell) and type
    • wsl -l -v
    • Check
      • Name = Ubuntu
      • Version = 2
  • Update to latest:
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Note: If the update failure, it may be caused by the timezone issue. Try:

sudo su -
hwclock -s
# Check date time

If it is not working, exist bash and start Powershell as administrator

wls --shutdown

# Exit and start terminal / bash again and test the date

WSLg and Gnome Desktop


Start Terminal (Ubuntu)

sudo apt update
sudo apt install gimp -y
sudo apt install nautilus -y

Docker Desktop

  • Download Windows installer and install
  • Reboot
  • Start and test on Windows and WSL2


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