IT, 筆記

筆記本 – Acer V15 Nitro – Install Development Tools

VSCode (Windows and WSL)

  • Install VSCode via Store
  • Install Extensions:
    • WSL
    • Docker
  • Reboot PC or re-login
  • Check:
    • Click Left-bottom "remote" button, then connect WSL
    • Open Powershell/Prompt, then type code
    • Open Terminal - Bash/Ubuntu, then type code

Latest NodeJS

See: The Easiest Way to Install Node.js on WSL, Mac & Ubuntu - DEV Community

# Run in user shell
curl -o- | bash

# restart terminal
nvm install node

# or LTS
nvm install --lts

Playwright (UI Testing Tools)


Install dependences:

sudo npx playwright install-deps


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